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Speakers - Mar 20, 2017

Evening C-Suite Panel: Get to know your Canadian Start-Ups & AMA

In the evening, we'll be discussing business tactics, strategy, and how leaders in the Canadian Tech Community are adding value to customers, employees, and the community as a whole.

How does the Canadian tech community identify opportunities? How do we build upon current trends and serve our end users? How can the tech community build a strategic roadmap for where technology is headed?

How can LGBTQA+ members of the community shape their careers and the future of Canadian Tech?


Jonathan Lister

VP Americas Sales Solutions and Country Manager at LinkedIn

Chakameh Shafii

CEO of Tranqool

Laura Van Wyngaarden

COO of Diligen

Anshula Chowdhury

CEO & Founder of Sametrica 

Chad Molleken

Co-Founder & CEO of AnyCard

Jeff Fettes

COO of 24-7 In touch 

Mark Jaine

CEO of Intelex