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Speakers - Mar 25, 2017

Workshop: What is FinTech? Innovation in Financial Services Today & Tomorrow

Presented by Fundserv

FinTech – a word often bandied about in media and technology circles, yet is still a bit vague, even for tech experts and entrepreneurs “in the know”. While normally associated with start-ups and disruptors, the term is changing how companies do business - it’s reframing what it means to be an innovator.

In this workshop, participants will hear from two different experts about the value and challenges of tech versus business thinking. Learn how avante garde and traditional methodologies are used to address issues for the Canadian investment management industry. Develop an understanding of how themes like digitization, machine learning, AI (robo-advisors) and back-office solutions are shaping this space today and for the future.

Then put your ideas, and entrepreneurial thinking, into practice during a mini breakout session. Tackle a real-world tech adoption challenge to grow your own skills. Test how both traditional organizations and innovators are solving key FinTech issues for the financial services community. Devise your solution before coming back together to hear about the other team’s and then decide on the best approach!