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Mar 27, 2017

Key Learnings 

Building a personal brand is key in both the technology sector and within the LGBTQ2+ community. This particular panel at Venture Out discussed how they intersect, how to form allies and more. Here are the key learnings. 

On Self Starting & Building a Personal Brand -

"You either do it or you don't. It is all about the integrity that you bring to the work that you do." - Lina Beaudin | Co founder & Creative Director - Nordest Studio 

If you have always been interested in being involved in something, just go ahead and do it. Be intentional. 

Is there a risk associated with coming out to your clients and colleagues?

"I had a couple of jobs where my sexuality wasn't totally accepted but so far I haven't had any problems with my business." 
- J Stead, Founder NEW FRDM Bodywear 

Coming out to clients or colleagues can lead to having some strong allies. Your family can start out being your first ally but as you develop & nurture your relationships, outside of your immediate circle of loved ones, those people eventually become your allies. 

The panel also agreed that as a business owner, most of the financial support can come from allies. 

What are some of the issues that you feel are not being reflected or talked about in your own industry?

People aren't looking at how you can nurture yourself and take care of yourself to thrive in the industry you are in. There is a certain glorification of the phenomenon of working yourself till you burn out. 

Advice to people starting out 

"Know yourself, know your brand and know what you bring to the table and the rest will be fine."
- Kimahli Powell, Executive Director, Rainbow Railroad

"Sit down with yourself and have a conversation with yourself about what you are about and what is your life's purpose." - J Stead, Founder, NEW FRDM Bodywear