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Speakers - Mar 14, 2017

We <3 shoutouts from our sponsors. Thanks, Diligen!

We're so proud to have Diligen as one of this year's founding sponsors of Venture Out.

Join Diligen's morning workshop, “Artificial Intelligence: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility” for an interactive discussion around artificial intelligence. They will discuss be discussing what AI can and cannot do, important ethical considerations as well as what AI means for the future of technology.

Diligen streamlines legal diligence, combining automatic contract review with collaborative project management. Using the latest machine learning algorithms, it reviews thousands of complex documents at a time, rapidly extracting key provisions with pinpoint accuracy.

Laura van Wyngaarden, Diligen's COO, will be speaking on our evening executive panel, and Diligen's VP of Product Development, Lisa Durnford, spoke at our Launch Panel this January.