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Mar 22, 2017

Venture Out Speaker Announcement: Hanna Zaidi and Morva Rohani - CommuniHelp, Lightning Rounds

Hanna Zaidi and Morva Rohani, Co-Founders

About CommuniHelp: Who doesn’t want to help change the world? At CommuniHelp, our vision is to leverage technology to improve the way people volunteer. Our goal: to help both volunteers and nonprofits/ social enterprises maximize their impact.

Young professionals want to give back, but don’t have the time to find the roles that match their skills, interests, and schedules. Nonprofits need experience in areas like business and technology, but have limited resources when sourcing those skillsets. Enter CommuniHelp. Our mobile and web platform fills this gap by matching young professionals with skills-based volunteer opportunities, while helping nonprofits recruit and retain quality volunteers.

We differentiate ourselves by using leading-edge technology to: a) develop algorithms that match skilled volunteers to the right opportunities, and b) optimize recruitment processes to help nonprofits/social enterprises get the most out of their volunteer programs.

Join us to hear from Hanna, Morva & more, about the future of Canada's growing technology companies at Venture Out on March 27th