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Mar 22, 2017

Venture Out Speaker Announcement - Morning Keynote: Lina Ismail

Lina Ismail, Head of Product Innovation and Marketing

Lina Ismail is the Director of Product Innovation and Marketing at Fundserv Inc. She is a passionate, results-driven leader who strives to challenge perspectives, create vision and inspire change within the financial services industry.

An entrepreneur at heart, Lina believes in turning ideas into reality. She is a cultural innovator, and has developed a reputation advocating for a diverse and inclusive work space. She knows that while passion and excitement inspire change, it’s the belief behind them that truly drives results.

Lina has been a critical voice in redefining the Fundserv brand. Leveraging an intimate knowledge of the industry and cutting-edge tech, she has helped position the organization as one that that delivers innovation, thought leadership and reliability. She leads new product development at Fundserv, and has shaped and increased the adoption of existing ones. Her goal: to ensure Fundserv stays relevant, and helps support the growth of technology and the industry itself.

Join us to hear from Lina, & more, about the future of Canada's growing technology companies at Venture Out on March 27th at 10:15am.